Preparatory Activities

Within this set of activities the project team will be established, the methodology for coordination and implementation of project activities, the preparation and conduct of procurement, the financial management of the project.

Specific activities of the project

  • Carrying out research among vulnerable groups to assess the perceptions and attitudes of discrimination. This activity envisages carrying out research with a sample of 600 respondents, which will indicate the perception among vulnerable groups on the phenomenon of discrimination in accessing services offered by the municipality.
  • Information campaign about the project through promotional services. This activity consist in dissemination of information materials developed within the project. Materials will be distributed to the headquarters of the Local Public Administration and will be disseminated to citizens in the areas inhabited by the target group beneficiaries.
  • Developing a guide for preventing discriminatory attitudes addressed to local authorities at the county level. This activity will consist in the development of an instrument/guide/manual for local administration representatives. The guide will include aspects of ethics and professional standards of public employees, legal provisions regarding the phenomenon of discrimination, social aspects of health of vulnerable groups: Roma communities and the situation of persons with chronic diseases in the city of Alba Iulia.
  • Testing the guide for reducing discrimination. This activity consist on testing the working instrument among the local authorities. Based on a questionnaire method a measurement of the respondents’ initial knowledge (before distribution of the guide) and further knowledge (2 months after distributing the guide) will be carried out.
  • Training 70 representatives of public authorities and NGOs. Three training courses in the area of non-discrimination for 70 representatives of local authorities and NGOs will be organized. The courses will have two components: one focusing on the phenomenon of discrimination against vulnerable groups in access to public services and the second component of training on the concepts of social inclusion and reduction of marginalization of vulnerable groups.
  • Creating and developing a network to promote the reduction of discrimination and marginalization. The network developed within the project will promote outreach and mobilization activities, networking activities, information and advice for beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries of the project for promoting non-discrimination at the level of local administration.
  • Establishing a resource center addressing vulnerable groups. This activity consist in establishing a resource center which will provide psychological counseling, medical, educational counseling, vocational counseling and social counseling.

Publicity and visibility of the project

Organizing 3 events promoting the project: press conference to launch the project and launching conference presenting the research report and press conference with the closing of the project. Dissemination of information on services offered by the website project. Informative materials about the project, to be used in all project activities