The project started from the need of Roma people and patients with chronical diseases to access social services.

In Alba Iulia the most representative Roma community is located in the area called “New World”, a crowded neighborhood, squalid, ghetto type, an improvised suburb composed of shacks, often built without permission on private property or on municipal property on the outskirts of the city. The laws of poverty are driving this suburb.

Another area predominantly inhabited by Roma is the so-called Turturica area.

According to a study by the Intercommunity Development Association Alba Iulia, the main sources of income of households is informal work day or occasional income support, child allowances, disability pensions or for sickness, unemployment benefits. Therefore, the revenue of these residents are significantly lower than those of other residents in the neighborhood.

Therefore, additional measures are necessary resources are needed alongside the needs of the target groups among the Roma communities presented the project proposal with a view to increase social inclusion and reduce discrimination of people resident in those two neighborhoods with predominantly number of Roma citizens.

Alba County has a significant number of patients with chronic conditions who need improved social services.