Alba Iulia City Hall

Geographical location: Alba Iulia is located in the center of the Transylvanian plateau, 460 5 ‘north latitude and 210 15’ east longitude, 330 m altitude, in an area of interference hills that descend from the mountains of Trascaului with the plains of the valley middle course of Mures

Sights: Fortress bastion Alba Iulia

The fortress bastion in Alba Iulia was raised between the years 1714-1738, being considered the most representative bastion fortification type Vauban in our country. The plan of the city has been drawn up by the Italian architect Giovanni Visconti Morando, under the leadership of General Stefan the Steinville, completed then the general Weiss. The work itself to the fortification from Alba Iulia have started on 4 November 1715, when it has on the foundation stone of Carol bastion, dedicated to the Emperor, located on the north side of the fortress.

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Association for the Development and Social Inclusion – ADIS

The Association for the Development and Social Inclusion – ADIS is a non-governmental organization founded in 2009, whose mission is to promote social dialog, compliance with the values and civic interests in the process of elaboration and implementation of public policies for the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups, in general, of the Roma minority in particular.

ADIS  aims to contribute at  the development  of an open society to tolerance, based on e knowledge, by mandating the Roma persons to break the vicious circle of social exclusion and poverty and to become active participants in public life.

The organization aims to provide support to institutions in improving policies and practices in the educational and occupational areas for vulnerable groups as well as to  social actors for the  elaboration and implementation of projects targeting public participation of Roma in our country and promote  social inclusion of Roma communities in  Romania.

Asociatia SM SPEROMAX Alba

The association SM SPEROMAX Alba is a non-profit association, non-governmental, apolitical, founded in the date of 1 October 2007, with headquarters in Alba Iulia, Str. Unirii Square no. 1-3, Alba county.

At the present time, in addition to the five founding members, the association SM SPEROMAX Alba counts 112 associate members and 24 volunteers.

The mission of the association is centered on the increase of the quality of life  among persons affected by multiple sclerosis.

Association Objectives

  • prevention of discrimination and equal chances for patients with multiple sclerosis;
  • the equality of treatment for patients with multiple sclerosis;
  • awareness of the community on the attitude toward patients with multiple sclerosis;
  • protection against neglecting the patients with multiple sclerosis;
  • awareness / informing the public opinion and public authorities, social service providers, civil society representatives about the evolution of case law in need of involvement in multiple sclerosis and protection activities in the field of MS;
  • dissemination of information in medical environments, as well as to public institutions and to local authorities about the problems and difficulties faced by people with multiple sclerosis and their needs;
  • informing Association members about the advantages and legal facilities, that may benefit from social and/or professional;
  • representation of the members in relation with the authorities in order to facilitate access to facilities provided by law as well as the and the initiation of steps to improve the legislation on social protection and medical assistance;
  • organization of information activities-educational, cultural, entertainment, etc. with and to the benefit of patients with multiple sclerosis;