Within the framework of the project a resource center for vulnerable groups has been established and located in Gladiolelor Street, no. 3A, in Alba Iulia, with the following working hours: 08.00-18.00.


Types of services offered at the center:


  • Individualized counseling, training and support for labor market orientation, etc.
  • Integrated services (medical, social, educational counseling) that contribute to improving health status and increasing motivation for active participation in the labor market.


Social counseling:

  • Information on the rights of social assistance such as: support for heating, welfare, obtaining a social housing, additional rights and special protection for the elderly, the state allowance for children, the quality of foster care, homes for the elderly, the rights and special protection of persons with disabilities, day centers for homeless adults


Job counseling:

  • Information with regard to labor market: provision for beneficiaries of accurate information on job vacancies, vocational training courses, accompanied by the relevant legislation: information on the minimum level of schooling required for enrollment on training courses in crafts demanded on the labor market, and occupation of a vacancy position.
  • Advice on the labor market, development of skills and abilities that are needed in the labor market (how to prepare a CV and a cover letter, how to present for a job interview etc.); Identifying career choices for the beneficiary; professional assessment of the beneficiaries; establish, together with the beneficiary, an individual development plan and professional integration.


Medical counseling:

  • The following services will be available on a daily basis: health education (importance of hygiene controls, prevention of various STDs, advice related to undergoing treatments, measuring blood pressure and blood sugar levels, enrollment to family doctors, how to benefit from medical insurance, health workers and their role, identity documents, responsible institutions.


Educational counseling:

  • Child Protection: preventing early marriages, protection of institutionalized children and children with disabilities, preventing domestic violence, child protection and motherhood, responsible institutions), access to education (summer kindergarten for Roma, 2nd chance educational programs, special places allocated for Roma pupils in school education, high schools, schools of arts and crafts in state higher education (colleges and universities, institutions responsible)


Psychological counseling