Quantity Results:

  • 600 respondents in the study;
  • 1 research report conducted and published in 400 copies and distributed to at least 20 public institutions and non-governmental national and international organizations;
  • 1 manual on anti-discrimination and social inclusion, adapted to the specific needs of target groups in the county published in 300 copies;
  • 3 joint press conference with about 90 participants;
  • 1 website promoting the project and documentation for citizens;
  • 150 posters, 3,000 leaflets, three roll-up (promotional materials)
  • 1 network for exchanging best practice established and active at least 70 members;
  • 1 functional resource center;
  • minimum 500 people benefiting from the service center;
  • 70 representatives of the authorities and civil society trained holding improved knowledge and skills in the area of non-discrimination in health contexts of vulnerable groups;
  • 3 training sessions for representatives of public administration and civil society organizations.

Qualitative expected results of the project aim:

Develop a cross-sectoral partnership between the Municipality of Alba Iulia, Alba Iulia SPEROMAX Association and ADIS with effective working practices to ensure the development of new initiatives and partnerships with local public authorities concluded within the frame of the project;

Develop consistent measures at local and regional level that addresses inequality, discrimination and marginalization, initiated in a participatory manner by local institutional actors and civil society through the:

Establishment of new services or new components in the existing services that improve access to social services, education, and occupational health for vulnerable groups within the frame of the resource center established under the project.

Results based indicators of the project:

  • 1 network of exchange and transfer of best practices, partnerships, coalitions and other associations, in order to combat discriminatory practices and social exclusion of disadvantaged groups initiated by Alba Iulia municipality in collaboration with the Association SM SPEROMAX and ADIS ;
  • At least 70 representatives of local authorities, private sector and civil society will gain new knowledge and skills as a result of their participation in the 3 training sessions, seminars, conferences, networking activities focused on issues such as gender equality, equality of opportunities, discrimination, intercultural understanding, respect for diversity, etc. (At least 50 of them will be representatives of local authorities from Alba Iulia and 20 will be representatives of civil society);
  • 1 instrument (training manual) designed to ensure the internalization of values and practices of anti-discrimination and social inclusion, based on the principle of equal opportunities in working with/for the benefit of disadvantaged groups;
  • 1 resource center established to provide integrated services and contribute to long-term development of human resources and reduce marginalization of vulnerable groups.